Welcome to the SDN Throwdown Program

Juniper Networks OpenLab, the Junos Center for Innovation, serves as a global resource for innovators who want to explore the possibilities, learn hands-on about enabling technologies and platforms, and build and test new Software-defined Networking (SDN) and automation solutions. By leveraging OpenLab resources and programs, innovators can accelerate application development, minimize infrastructure costs, and reduce risk.

The OpenLab locations around the globe host educational programs that explore the possibilities that emerging SDN technologies and Juniper’s SDN/automation platforms create. Face-to-face sessions or webcasts — on topics such as Contrail, Junos Automation, and Northstar — offer technical overviews and hands-on lab exercises.

The SDN Workshop and Competition Programs (currently known as “Throwdowns)” are distinct week-long educational experiences whereby university student teams learn about Software Defined Networking (SDN) from both a technology and market perspective and address a customer-specified real-world application challenge through use of one of Juniper’s SDN/Automation platforms.

Following a two-day preparatory workshop, and five days to develop their solution application, the competing university teams present their approach and demonstrate their solutions respectively to a panel of judges on the last day of the program. Teams are judged on a balanced array of business and technical criteria including their understanding and representation of the value proposition, the use of available technology, and presentation and demonstration quality.

As we now offer these programs globally, we aim to facilitate a true real-world educational experience for the students and complement their core programming and networking skills obtained via academic curricula. Students have an opportunity to showcase their talents for prospective job opportunities and deliver new innovative approaches to SDN-based solutions. Join us, as we tap into new millennial mindset and aim to ignite future network innovation!